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fundraising letter :)

Hello dear friend!!

I’m honored to have my words on your screen or in your hands!!! I am writing this letter to give you an update on what my life is right now and something exciting I am doing this semester!!!

First off to catch you up!!! Last year I went on a 7 month mission trip to Swaziland, Thailand, Myanmar, and Nicaragua sharing the Gospel. After unexpectedly getting sent home from the world race in march (due to the start of Covid-19 which led to borders being closed), I quarantined in Arizona for a month. In April I moved to Nebraska and have been living there ever since. I started living with my oldest brother and his five kiddos. I started college at Liberty University and am working towards a bachelor’s degree in Religion with a focus on global ministry!! The Lord paved the way and brought me to get involved in joining a team that is planting a church in West Omaha!! ?I am so thankful for the encounters I have seen the Lord move here in Nebraska!

Now that you know what has been going on this past season, let me tell you what I’m stepping into next!!! ?Starting mid-January I will be attending a program in Gainesville, Georgia, called Center for Global Action (or CGA)!? This is a 5 month leadership and discipleship program ?that equips followers of Christ to create biblical community through teachings, scripture, and activation. It is a program through Adventures in Missions which is the same parent ministry World Race. CGA is a program that teaches believers to create spaces of vulnerability and connection in everyday life as we all seek to know more of Jesus. ?This program will set the groundwork for running a ministry and knowing how to lead people in a Godly way in daily life. During CGA all participants will get part-time jobs in order to apply the things being taught and also to really walk out “life is ministry, ministry is life”.

As someone who feels called to long term ministry, I believe this will better equip me to serve more effectively in the future! I know that I simply cannot give away tools and skills that I do not have yet, so I am ECSTATIC to have this season to be under people that are dedicated to helping me grow as I run toward the kingdom dreams God has given me. During the five months here on the east coast I will be continuing my education at Liberty University & working part time at Harvest Kitchen.

As always, I love getting to share what the Lord is doing in and through me which is why prayer and partnership is so vital and valuable to me. Logistically CGA is $4950 for the 5 months I will be staying in Gainesville and we participants get the privilege to invite people into this journey. My number one goal with fundraising is that as you follow along this journey that you will encounter the Lord and we all will be as the church growing and learning together. The funds will cover housing and supplies for the classroom. I would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with me!! If you would like to donate you can go to (best option) OR write a check to me/Adventures in Missions with my name as the memo line. PLEASE reach out with questions or if you want to know more about what the Lord and I have been dreaming about.

Love & Thanks,

Taylor Wilwerding

(480) 815-2997